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Introducing Fixodent Food Barrier

Enjoy all-day confidence and comfort with Fixodent's best barrier against food particles with easy application

Comfort and Superior Food Barrier – All Day Long

Food Barrier Technology Shield

Fixodent’s precision tip nozzle enables a more precise application, which creates a comfortable barrier, keeping even the smallest food particles from getting under dentures. Keep eating the foods you love with the comfort and security of the strongest* Fixodent food barrier technology yet.

*in Fixodent line-up

About Fixodent Food Barrier

Food Barrier Technology

Food Barrier Technology

Prevent even the smallest food particles from getting under your dentures.

Precision Tip

Precision tip

Enjoy easier, cleaner application to ensure a comfortable barrier and a cushion between your gums and denture.

See How to Apply Fixodent Food Barrier

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