A man in his fifties is carving into a roast chicken, he is smiling because he knows he won't have any issues eating with dentures thanks to Fixodent's tips.

Eating with dentures means eating with confidence

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Posted: Jun 22, 2021

It’s that simple: eating is a big part of everyone’s social life. And it’s not just about eating your favourite foods while wearing dentures, but also feeling confident while eating. So, can you eat steak and your favourite food with dentures? Eventually, yes. It’s perfectly normal for new denture wearers to feel worried about wearing them, but Fixodent is here to show you it doesn’t have to be like that. You can stop craving apples and hamburgers and start munching on them again with this helpful guide on how to start eating with dentures and how to overcome the most common problems:

  • Don’t panic if you feel food has lost its flavour. You may notice that certain foods taste different when you get dentures, especially bitter or salty foods. This is only temporary and your sense of taste should improve over time.

  • Take care with hot foods and drinks. When you get dentures, you may have some trouble sensing hot food and drinks at first so take it easy when consuming them, as you may burn your mouth if you’re not careful.

  • Start with soft foods. Go easy when you have new dentures. like eggs, fish, cooked vegetables, oatmeal, soup and purees. Once you feel more confident, you can add in harder, chewier food like cooked broccoli, fresh celery, and boiled potatoes.

  • Cut harder foods into bite-sized pieces. When you start introducing harder food, like cooked meat, cut it up into smaller pieces you can chew more easily.

  • Chew food on both sides of your mouth. Try to half-chew food on the back-left side of your mouth and then chew the other half on the back-right side. Chewing food on both sides of your mouth helps your dentures feel more stable while you eat.

  • Keep practicing. The good news is after some practice, you’ll enjoy your favourite foods again as you did before. The more confident you get eating with dentures, the easier it’ll be. So, you can bring crusty bread, burgers, steak and chips back on the menu. You no longer need to avoid any food with dentures.

Eating with dentures means eating with confidence


You may have a few ‘teething problems’ in as you adjust to a life with dentures, if so you’re not alone. The most common difficulties denture wearers tend to have are:

  • Dentures feel loose and move when eating. This is likely due to a and needs adjusting by a dentist, or you are still getting used to wearing a new denture.

  • Gum irritation. Often, is due to food particles getting under dentures. The good news is you can help avoid both moving dentures and food infiltration with a good denture adhesive, like Fixodent Professional.


Meet Fixodent Professional, Fixodent’s ultimate denture adhesive that combines our best technologies so you can go about your life with more confidence, whether you’re eating, talking or smiling.

  • Best hold technology*. Fixodent Professional is our ultimate denture adhesive to date. It has been developed with dentists and experts to give you Fixodent’s best denture adhesive ever, so you can enjoy steak or a crusty baguette without worrying about your dentures getting out of place.

  • Best gum protection technology*. The strong hold formula and thin nozzle applicator create a superior seal between your dentures and gums, and acts as a barrier against food infiltration, so to protect your gums from day one.

  • Best antibacterial technology* Fixodent Professional’s formula comes with inbuilt antibacterial protection to keep your gums healthy and your breath fresher.

  • Precise dosing. The super-thin nozzle allows for easy and precise dosing, so you can apply the adhesive in thin lines and avoid oozing.

*in Fixodent line-up

With dentures that fit properly, and Fixodent Professional denture adhesive cream keeping them in place, you can go out into the world with confidence and eat whatever you want with whomever you’d like. And the best thing? You can jump back into your favourite hobbies without worrying what people think, as no one will tell whether you’re wearing dentures or not. So, get out there and live life with a big smile!