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Denture Adhesive Cream

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Fixodent Complete Original

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Fixodent Professional

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A woman is sitting in the dentist chair with her dentist holding a set of dentures in her hands as she helps answer frequently asked questions she has about denture adhesives

Questions & Answers about Fixodent Denture Adhesive

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A mixed group of friends sit in a vineyard enjoying a meal with some wine, as they know they can still have fun while living with dentures, thanks to Fixodent.

Key benefits, brought to you by Fixodent

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Fixodent Complete Fresh

Fixodent Complete Fresh Denture AdhesiveBuy now

Fixodent PLUS Best Hold Premium

Fixodent PLUS Best Hold Premium Denture Adhesive CreamBuy now

Fixodent Plus Best Antibacterial

Fixodent PLUS Best Antibacterial Premium Denture Adhesive Cream UKBuy now

Fixodent Complete Neutral

Fixodent Complete Neutral Denture AdhesiveBuy now
A couple in their 40s are hugging and smiling, the woman is wearing dentures, but is happy and confident as she has learned everything she needs to know about denture adhesive thanks to Fixodent.

How Does Denture Adhesive Work

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Fixodent Plus Best Foodseal

Fixodent PLUS Foodseal Premium Denture Adhesive CreamBuy now