A dentist explains the ingredients of Fixodent to her patient.

Fixodent Denture Adhesive Ingredients A-Z

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Posted: Jun 22, 2021

We are happy that you want to learn more about Fixodent ingredients and why we use them.

Our adhesives are made to be safe, easy to use and secure. It is important for us to use the best combination of high-quality ingredients to deliver optimal performance and experience as well as user satisfaction.

First, let’s discuss zinc. Is the amount of zinc contained in Fixodent safe?

Yes, it’s safe! Adhesives have been proven in a multitude of clinical studies to be safe for daily use if used as instructed.

Why are we using zinc?

Zinc helps dentures remain firmly in place so that people can talk, eat and chew with confidence. Current scientific research shows that zinc is the most effective ingredient to provide a strong, long-lasting hold.

How much Zinc is absorbed from using Fixodent?

The daily amount of zinc absorbed from Fixodent is approximately 2 mg when used once per day as instructed. It’s less than the zinc you would find in most daily multivitamins and around the same as 170g of beef mince. The recommended dietary allowance for zinc is 11 mg per day for men and 8 mg per day for women.

What to do when using other products containing zinc?

Consult a doctor. Excessive and prolonged zinc intake can lead to health issues.

What ingredients will you find in Fixodent Denture Adhesive?

IngredientPurposeHow does it work?
Calcium/ Zinc PVM/MAAdhesiveZinc helps stick to your dentures and maintain the proper grip so that you can talk, eat and chew more confidently. We are only using amounts of zinc that are safe to use, so you don´t need to worry.
Cellulose GumAdhesiveAn ingredient that helps stick to your dentures. As they remain firmly in place, you can be more confident while eating and talking. Such binding agents are also commonly used as food additives in ice cream, mayonnaise, sauce, or jelly to provide an improved consistency.
Mineral OilCream baseA thin, colourless and odourless component that carries other adhesive ingredients and helps in delivering the right texture thanks to its creamy consistency. It is well known from many cosmetics, such as skin moisturisers, make-up and baby oil.
PetrolatumCream baseA little thicker, smooth ingredient that helps in delivering the right denture cream texture so you can use the adhesive more easily. You might also know this from other products, such as Vaseline.
SilicaThickenerAn ingredient that increases viscosity and makes the denture cream thicker. It helps in delivering the right cream consistency so you can apply the product easily. It is commonly used in make-up or toothpaste.
ColorantsColourAn ingredient that helps the product achieve its gum like colour, so in the event of oozing it is virtually invisible.
FlavourFlavourAn ingredient that helps in achieving the better taste of the adhesive, as other ingredients are not very tasty on their own.
Sodium SaccharinSweetenerHelps in achieving better taste. An artificial sweetener with effectively no food energy that helps in delivering the desired taste and sweetness of the adhesive, as other ingredients are not that tasty on their own. It is commonly used in toothpaste to provide a pleasant taste.