Dear partial wearer,

We care for you. We understand why you may not be laughing, eating, and exercising as much as you used to. And that’s why we want to help. Because we believe that to enjoy the flavour of life, you have to take big bites.

You might feel angry and ashamed trying to cope with your partial dentures by turning down foods, invitations, and even jokes! After a while, it can get really tiring.

We understand that sometimes you can make up excuses so that others won’t find out about your partial: you might say that you have an aching tooth, that you’re allergic to corn, or that you’ve just become a vegetarian yesterday.

But we want you to know that it doesn’t always have to be this way. That it’s possible to live a life without excuses. A life full of flavours and confident bites. With Fixodent Microseal, there’s no excuse not to dive into life.

There are certain situations in life when telling the truth seems more embarrassing than making up an excuse.

Watch our videos and learn how to dive into life!

Living with Partial Dentures at a Young Age

How to clean your Partials?

Sorry, I can't eat BBQ, I've just become a vegetarian yesterday.