Denture Adhesive Cream

Fixodent Professional

Fixodent Professional

Fixodent Professional Denture Adhesive Cream
  • Our best technologies combined: Our best denture adhesive yet provides your dentures with an unbeatable hold* that lasts all day, while giving you a superior∗∗ barrier against food infiltration and best antibacterial action∗
  • Effectively protects from gum irritation from 1st use for a better denture wearing experience (with hard foods vs. no adhesive)

∗in Fixodent line-up ∗∗vs. Fixodent Original

Our strongest denture adhesive

In a clinical study, the use of adhesives resulted in 100% of denture wearers experiencing less gum irritation when eating hard foods compared to no adhesive.

Fixodent Professional also gives you the confidence needed to live a life with more bite.

Product benefits

Circle with lock
Best hold*

Fixodent Professional’s best hold technology reduces the movement and rubbing of dentures, keeping them securely in place no matter what you sink them into.

Circle with teeth
Best gum protection*

Forms a superior** seal between your dentures and gums to prevent food infiltration and gum irritation***, resulting in a better denture wearing experience.

Circle with shield
Best antibacterial action*

The adhesive’s innovative antibacterial agents help stem the tide of bacteria growth, the number one cause behind bad breath.

Circle with nozzle
Precise application*

Equipped with a super thin nozzle to allow for an easy and precise dosing. Avoid oozing by applying in thin lines not too close to the denture’s edges.

*in Fixodent line-up **vs. Fixodent Original ***with hard foods vs. no adhesive

How to use Fixodent Professional Denture Adhesive Cream

Clean & Dry Dentures
Step 1

Clean and dry the denture before applying the adhesive cream.

Apply Adhesives in thin stripes as shown
Step 2

Apply the adhesive using Fixodent Professional’s ultra-thin nozzle. Apply in thin continuous lines as shown or less. Do not apply the adhesive too close to the denture’s edges. A few tries may be needed to find the ideal amount.

Insert Dentures and hold briefly in place
Step 3

Insert denture and hold it briefly in place for a secure hold. If the adhesive cream oozes out on the sides of the denture, then you’ve used too much.

Before removing your dentures, rinse your mouth with warm water. Apply a soft rocking motion and remove your denture. Keep your denture moist when not in use.
Step 4

Before removing your dentures, rinse your mouth with warm water. Apply a soft rocking motion and remove your denture. Keep your denture moist when not in use.

Most people need just one daily application. If you are experiencing problems getting the denture to hold or you are applying Fixodent Professional more than once a day, a check with the dentist is recommended.

In fact, a dentist should be consulted regularly to continue ensuring a proper fit. Badly fitting dentures may impair an individual’s health.


Use more product than advised. You might need a few tries to work out what the ideal amount for your denture is.

If the product oozes from the denture in your mouth, that’s a sign that you’re using too much.

Use the product more than once a day. With proper use, a regular 40g tube should last 7 weeks.

Use excess product for poorly fitting dentures. Consult your dentist regularly to ensure you have a properly fitted denture.

A poorly fitting denture may impair your health.

For more information about our best denture adhesive yet, please visit the product’s FAQ section (hyperlink:

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