A young woman looking at the mirror whit confidence knowing that she can live a carefree life with dentures.

Living with partial dentures at a young age

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Posted: Jun 22, 2021

Living with partial dentures at a young age

You might think that tooth loss is something only the elderly have to endure. Well, that’s not exactly true. It can happen at any age, due to a number of causes, like gum disease or tooth decay, a genetic predisposition to tooth loss, acid reflux, ectodermal dysplasia, sports injuries or other accidents. Whatever the cause of the problem, finding out that you need partial dentures at 20, 25, or 40 can certainly be a trying experience: it can make you want to draw back from social events, professional challenges, as well as make you become emotionally distant. We want you to know that you’re not alone, and that you can live a full life even with dentures! Here’s how to do it.

Practice makes perfect

At first, both speaking and eating will feel funny: your partial denture may feel loose or bulky, and you might experience extra saliva flow. Worry not, for time cures everything – even your hurting gums! A couple of weeks after you have received your dentures (whether full or partial), you will start to feel more comfortable wearing them. To help yourself get adjusted to your new lifestyle as a young person with partial dentures:

  • Begin by eating soft foods cut into small pieces, before gradually returning to your regular diet.

  • Practice speaking alone in front of the mirror and with close friends.

  • Be sure to avoid sticky and hard foods, as well as public speaking events in the first few weeks.

This way, you can successfully build back your confidence to its original level step by step.

Benefits of partial dentures for young adults

Once you’re feeling secure with your partials, you’ll start to notice the many benefits they provide you with:

  • Partials help distribute your biting force, so they take the pressure off your gums and teeth and keep them healthy.

  • They will also allow you to once again enjoy a variety of foods, such as corn on the cob, steak, pretzel, and sticky sweets.

  • For some people, getting a partial can actually give them the confidence to smile, to speak up, to look their best, and to live a more carefree life.

  • Don’t forget, just because you’re wearing partial dentures in your 20s or 40s doesn’t mean that you’re somehow lesser than you were yesterday.

Sticking with it

For the ultimate comfort, consider using a partial denture adhesive! Fixodent adhesives are known for their long-lasting hold, ensuring that your partials will stay in place whatever you do. By using Fixodent Microseal for Partials, you can secure your partials and ensure they stay where they’re supposed to. Most importantly, denture adhesives also create an airtight seal that helps keep food particles out from between your partial and gums. This prevents irritation and other issues such as painful gums. Remember, there are many young people with partial dentures just like you!