A couple are walking through a park holding hands and smiling, as they learn to live a healthy lifestyle with dentures.

Active Life with Dentures - Can You Play Sports with Dentures?

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Posted: Jun 22, 2021

Dr. Fixodent supports it

Martin, 53, stopped playing sports when he got his dentures.

Martin: Adjusting to dentures took time. Even speaking in front of others was hard at first. I can’t imagine going back on the football field, or going kayaking with my friends. I used to think my dentures would fall out the moment I opened my mouth.

Dr. Fixodent: I have just the solution for you, Martin! By using Fixodent denture adhesive denture adhesive you can stop worrying about your dentures for ever. The next time you leave your house, apply some adhesive on your dentures and jog a few steps at home, just so you can see how strong the hold of Fixodent is. That way you’ll be confident that everything will be all right while you’re out jogging.

Martin: Haha! My wife will laugh if I start running around the living room.

Dr. Fixodent: You know what they say, doing sports can do wonders for your mood, and it helps you handle the stress of everyday life better. If you were living an active life B. D. you have to continue to live your life the same way, otherwise you might feel depressed.

Martin: What’s B. D. Doc?

Dr. Fixodent: Before dentures.

Martin: I like that! Okay, so I can imagine jogging, but playing football? I miss that so much. Is it possible to play football with dentures?

Dr. Fixodent: Yes, with Fixodent, you can. Fixodent ensures your dentures stay in place – no matter what tricky football move you’re doing. The denture adhesive also provides your gums with comfort and protection. I would also suggest playing contact sports with a mouth guard. You have to take care of - and protect - your dentures, so mouth guards are a good idea while playing contact sports like rugby. Even professional players use mouth guards.

Martin: How silly of me not to think of that! Mouth guards are so easy.

Dr. Fixodent: See, Martin, things don’t have to change much just because you have dentures. With Fixodent you can live your life to the full.