A woman is sitting in the dentist chair with her dentist holding a set of dentures in her hands as she helps answer questions she has about denture size and gagging.

Our Best Way to Secure Dentures

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Posted: Jun 22, 2021

Are you worried about your dentures staying in place? Concerned about how to stop dentures from moving? You may have heard the stories, like the grandma blowing her birthday candle out with her dentures making a flying appearance, but life doesn’t need to be like that. We’ve collected all the tips you need on how to keep dentures in place so you can avoid any embarrassing slips.

Handle Your Dentures with Care

Look after your dentures, and your dentures will look after you. One reason some denture wearers struggle to keep their dentures in place is because they get damaged or deformed from being dropped. Your dentures are an important part of your life, and with a little care, they can live a long and happy life with you.

  • Be gentle with your dentures. Dentures can deform if you handle them roughly, so make sure you don’t bend or damage them when cleaning or using them. Your dentures are made to fit, and if they become misshapen, you may have problems keeping them in place.

  • Take care not to drop them when inserting, removing, or cleaning. Put a towel down on the ground or on the sink in case you drop them. Always be extra careful when putting in or taking out dentures as they can easily break.

  • Use a cleaning solution or water to soak dentures overnight. Some dentures need to be left overnight in a cleaning solution, others in water. Follow that advice your dentist gives on how to store your particular denture. Avoid using hot water as this can warp the denture.

Get Your Dentures Adjusted by a Dentist

Ill-fitting dentures are one of the main causes of dentures that just won’t stay in place. Your dentist can help you get your dentures adjusted so they stay secure while you’re talking, eating or going about your day.

  • Dentures may not fit over time. Your gums and bones will change over time, which means your dentures may not fit as they used to. It’s also possible your dentures will change shape from use as well. Dentures that don’t fit will cause irritation of the gums and won’t feel secure.

  • See your dentist if your dentures don’t fit. If you feel that your dentures don’t fit, make an appointment with your dentist to get them adjusted, so they can feel more comfortable and your dentures secure.

Use Fixodent’s Best Denture Adhesive Ever to Stop Dentures from Moving

If you want to feel confident your denture will stay secure and in place no matter the situation, you may want to try Fixodent’s strongest adhesive technology. This can give your dentures that extra secure hold you need to get out and live life to the full. Get your confidence back to eat, talk, smile, and just live again as you used to. Wondering which adhesive to use? Try Fixodent Professional.

  • Our best holding denture adhesive technology. Fixodent Professional provides you with our ultimate max hold formula, giving you the best hold to keep your dentures in place. It also reduces the movement and rubbing of dentures, no matter what life throws at you.

  • Our best gum protection technology. Forms a superior seal between the gums and the denture to prevent food infiltration, so helps prevent irritation and sores.

  • Our best antibacterial technology. Antibacterial agents help protect your gums against bacteria growth and as a result, means fresher breath.

  • Designed with dentists. Fixodent has worked with dentists and dental professionals to bring you their best denture adhesive to date.

  • Easy to use thin nozzle applicator. The thin nozzle design allows for a more accurate application of the adhesive in thin lines.


To make the most of your denture adhesive, it’s important to apply Fixodent Professional correctly:

  • Apply the right amount of denture adhesive. Fixodent Professional’s super thin nozzle allows for a precise application so you can avoid oozing and ensure the denture is fixed in place securely all day.

  • Apply it once a day. If you find you need to apply Fixodent Professional more than once a day, check with your dentist.

  • Don’t forget to remove your denture before bed. Take your denture out for the night, clean it properly to remove any leftover adhesive and leave it in a cleaning solution or water overnight.

Live Your Life to the Fullest with Fixodent

With a little help from Fixodent’s premium denture adhesive, you can free your life up from denture worries to make more room doing the things you love. So, get out there and smile, eat your favourite steak or crusty bread, talk with the people you love, and simply enjoy a life with more bite.