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How to Apply & Remove Fixodent Denture Adhesive

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Posted: Jun 22, 2021


How to apply denture adhesive creams

  • Before fitting dentures or applying any Fixodent denture adhesive, please ensure your dentures are clean and thoroughly dry.

  • Start by applying Fixodent to dentures in a series of small dots or strips. Always start with a small amount and do not apply adhesive too close to the edge of your dentures.

  • When fitting dentures, press them firmly in place and hold. If adhesive oozes out, you have used too much. The advantage of using Fixodent denture adhesive over denture strips is you have more control over where you apply the adhesive.

  • You should find one application of denture adhesive a day is sufficient. If you find that you regularly need to apply more than this to keep your dentures in place, you might want to consult your dentist to address the way they fit.

  • Be sure to visit your dentist on a regular basis to ensure that your dentures fit properly and are in good condition. Poor denture fitting can cause considerable discomfort and may damage your mouth over time.

How to Apply & Remove Fixodent Denture Adhesive


Check the instructions on the pack

DO NOT use more Fixodent denture adhesive cream than is shown in the diagram (not more than about 1.00 g and 8 cm for Dual Power and 1.25g or 10cm for Complete adhesives, equivalent to 6 strips of the dimension shown). If excess adhesive oozes off your denture in your mouth then you are using too much.

DO NOT use excess product for poorly fitting dentures. Consult your dentist to have them corrected.

DO NOT use Fixodent denture adhesive for fitting dentures more than once a day. With proper use, the tube should last a minimum of 4 weeks for the 40g size, 5 weeks for the 47g size, and at least 8 weeks for the 70g size.

DO NOT use more than directed. Fixodent contains zinc (except for 0% variant that has no added zinc), consult a doctor if using other products containing zinc. Consult your dentist regularly to ensure you have properly fitting dentures.

CAUTION: Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.

How to remove

To remove your dentures

Before attempting to remove your dentures, first rinse your mouth with warm water or a mouthwash such as Oral-B.

  • To remove your lower denture, pull gently while applying a rocking motion.

  • Removing your upper denture may be more difficult due to the higher surface area creating a stronger denture fitting. Place your thumb against the front teeth and then press upward and outward in the direction of your nose.

  • If these techniques do not release your dentures and you are uncomfortable leaving them in overnight, please seek assistance in a hospital emergency room or a 24-hour dental service.

How to Apply & Remove Fixodent Denture Adhesive

To remove adhesive residue from your dentures

  • Only ever use a dedicated denture cleanser to clean your dentures.

  • Use comfortably hot water, toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush to from your gums, palette, tongue and mouth. Ensure that all denture adhesive is removed as this will ensure a more effective and comfortable fit when next fitting dentures.

  • To avoid injury, under no circumstances should you use any object except your fingers (not your fingernails) to force your dentures to loosen.