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Do you need an adhesive cream for partial dentures?

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Posted: Jun 22, 2021

In a perfect world, your partial would stay in place with no added help until you remove it at night. However, reality is different. We’re constantly on the move, we’re talking, eating, and playing sports – and during all this, there are plenty of opportunities for our partials to come loose, or encounter other issues like food stuck between the partial and gums.

Also, as time goes by and your gums begin to change shape, your partial may naturally start to move around, making your gums more susceptible to food infiltration, as well as causing mouth sores and gum irritation in the long run. In addition, an ill-fitting partial can also cause you to feel uneasy in a social setting, making you constantly check yourself when smiling, eating and speaking. That’s why choosing the right denture cream for partials is so important.

The benefits of using the adhesive cream for partials

  • A great partial denture adhesive not only keeps your partials from moving around in your mouth by providing a strong hold, but it also creates a seal that keeps food particles out from between your partial and gums.

  • Thus, it it gives your mouth a fresh feeling by preventing food particles from getting stuck beneath your partials and acts as a comfortable cushion between your gum’s soft tissue and the hard surface of your partial denture.

  • Even if you feel that your partial denture fits perfectly, the extra sense of security that comes with using a denture adhesive is sure to give you a boost of confidence in everyday life, whether you’re laughing with your mouth wide open, playing football with your friends, or eating your favourite food at a restaurant.

How Fixodent Microseal for Partials protects your mouth from irritation

Do you need an adhesive cream for partial dentures?

For us at Fixodent, nothing is more important than to help you live a life without excuses: this is why we have come up with a formula that addresses the specific needs of people living with partial dentures. Fixodent Microseal for Partials is an adhesive cream designed to keep food particles from getting under your partials when chewing and protecting your mouth from irritation caused by the micro-movements of your partial denture.

How to use Fixodent Microseal for Partials

  • To apply the adhesive, first clean and dry your partial.

  • Next, apply the recommended amount of adhesive or less in thin lines to your partial with the help of Fixodent Microseal’s ultra-thin nozzle, making sure that the product doesn’t ooze off the partial.

  • Apply a little at first and do not apply adhesive too close to the partials’ edges.

  • Finally, place the partial in your mouth, hold it briefly in place, and enjoy the comfortable feel of a strong hold.

  • You might need to try a few times to determine the ideal amount for your individual partial.

Most people need just one daily application. If you are experiencing problems getting the partial to hold or you are applying Fixodent Microseal for Partials more than once a day, a check of the partial’s fit with the dentist is recommended. As a matter of course, a dentist should be consulted regularly to continue achieving a proper fit. Badly fitting partials may impair an individuals’ health.