A woman in her 60s is in the dentist's chair smiling, because she knows the correct cleaning and maintenance procedure for her dentures.

How Denture Adhesive Improves Your Oral Health

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Posted: Jun 22, 2021

Your mouth is a sophisticated mechanism, in which every element works in unison to ensure its important functions occur smoothly, healthily and with no irritation or damage. When you wear dentures, saliva – one of the most crucial of these elements – is unable to play its natural protective role which is why denture adhesives are so important. Let’s see the ways in which Fixodent can help reconcile saliva and your dentures to provide you with a better oral health!

Problem No. 1: Trapped Food Particles

When you wear dentures, food particles can get stuck in the parts of your mouth that saliva can’t reach. Not only is it painful, but the particles may decompose and cause bad breath. As a consequence, you may think that you need to avoid certain food, or you may have to go rinse your dentures several times per day. But Fixodent denture adhesive can help avoid those concerns.


Unlike other denture adhesives, Fixodent is equipped with an ultra-thin nozzle to let you apply the adhesive in a continuous, gap-free line. This forms an unbroken anti-infiltration barrier that is much more effective at keeping pesky food particles out of those hard-to-reach areas.

Problem No. 2: Bad Breath From Dentures

Your dentures can sometimes prevent saliva from applying its natural antibacterial action, which works to help keep you safe from a handful of unpleasant oral health issues, such as infections, bad breath, and smelly dentures.


Lucky for you, Fixodent is clinically proven to reduce the amount of germs that cause bad breath without harming the natural balance of your mouth. This means that your mouth will feel fresher and cleaner for longer, so you can relax and enjoy the company of your friends and family without ever having to fear bad breath.

Problem No. 3: Micro-movements And Denture Irritation

When you still have all of your natural teeth, your saliva can keep your mouth moist, clean and comfortable to help prevent sore gums and irritation without a problem. When you’re wearing dentures, however, there may be parts of your mouth that saliva cannot reach to lubricate. Couple that with the barely perceptible micro-movements of your dentures upon your dry gum while eating and speaking, and you’ve got yourself a minor oral health catastrophe just waiting to happen.


Fixodent denture adhesive acts as cushion between the delicate tissue of your gums and the hard surface of your dentures, helping to prevent irritation and denture sore spots.

Food particles, bad breath and irritation: These are just a few of the many issues you can tackle with Fixodent denture adhesives. To further enhance your denture-wearing experience, consider reading our article on wearing dentures with confidence.