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Does Fixodent denture adhesive contain zinc?

A small amount of zinc is used in Fixodent denture adhesives to provide denture hold. This helps the denture stay in place securely so you can eat, chew, and talk more confidently. The amount of zinc an average denture adhesive user would ingest from daily usage of Fixodent is:

  • Less than the amount of zinc in most daily multivitamins
  • Less than 6 oysters (fried or raw)
  • Comparable to 170 g ground beef

Click here  for more information on zinc from the Food Standards Agency

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Can adhesives improve my denture fit?

Yes. There are a number of published clinical studies showing that denture adhesives actually improve the performance of properly fitting dentures. Using denture adhesives might help reduce irritation and sore spots caused by denture rub. While your dentures are rigid, your mouth tissue is soft and changes over time, causing the dentures to not always fit the same.

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How does Fixodent denture adhesive cream work?

When you use Fixodent denture adhesive cream, the natural moisture in your mouth changes the soft cream into an elastic-like membrane that helps hold your dentures tight, so you can bite harder and eat more naturally.

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How do I use Fixodent denture adhesive cream?
  • Clean and dry dentures thoroughly before applying Fixodent.
  • Apply Fixodent to dentures in strips or a series of dots. Start with a small amount at first. Do not apply too close to denture edges.
  • Press dentures firmly in place and hold briefly. You are using too much if product oozes after inserting dentures.
  • Many denture wearers find one use a day is sufficient. If you are using Fixodent more than once a day or have problems with your denture hold, consult your dentist about the fit of your dentures.
  • See your dentist regularly to ensure properly fitting dentures. Poorly fitting dentures might impair your health.

Hints: You might need to experiment to see what amount of adhesive is best for you. Start with a small amount, then use more if you need more hold. If oozing occurs, use a smaller amount of adhesive. Keep nozzle and cap dry to avoid clogging. If tip becomes clogged, use a pin to reopen.

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How long does the hold last?

The hold depends on the person, but Fixodent is formulated to last all day.

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How do I remove my dentures?

As the Fixodent denture adhesive absorbs excess water, the hold will loosen. Several techniques may help you break the seal between the adhesive and the gum tissue:

  • For dentures of any type, swish your mouth with warm water or a mouthwash such as Oral-B.
  • For the lower denture, pull gently while applying a rocking motion.
  • For the upper denture, removal may be more difficult due to more surface area. Place your thumb against the front teeth and press upward and outward toward your nose.
  • If you do not have success with these techniques and are uncomfortable leaving your dentures in overnight, you can seek assistance in a hospital emergency room or a 24-hour dental service.

CAUTION: To avoid injury, do not use any object except your fingers (not your fingernails) to pry the dentures loose.

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How do I remove adhesive residue?

To remove adhesive residue from your dentures, use a denture cleanser. To remove adhesive residue from your mouth, gums, tongue, and palate, brush the roof of your mouth and gums with a soft-bristled toothbrush, toothpaste, and comfortably hot water.

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What is the shelf life of Fixodent denture adhesives?

Average shelf life is three years when stored at room temperature.

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There are a number of published clinical studies showing that adhesives actually improve the performance of properly fitting dentures.
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