Denture Advice

Removing dentures safely and easily

Removing your dentures at the end of every day is an important routine that will very soon become second nature. But when you’re new to wearing dentures, it’s natural to worry about the best way to remove and maintain them without causing any damage.

Removing dentures

If in doubt, just follow our simple denture removal and cleaning guide for easy, safe and hygienic denture care.

How to remove dentures
  1. Before you do anything, first fill a sink with warm water to prevent your dentures breaking if they’re accidentally dropped.
  2. Rinse with mouthwash or warm water – use alcohol free mouthwash if possible.
  3. To remove top dentures, press your thumb against the inside of your front teeth and then push up and outwards towards the nose.
  4. To remove lower dentures, pull slowly with a rocking motion.
  5. To avoid injury, under no circumstances should you use any object except your fingers (not your fingernails) to force your dentures to loosen.
How to clean dentures.
  1. Always keep your dentures moist to stop them from drying out and losing their shape
  2. Soak and store them in a denture cleanser solution or water, preferably overnight. Never submerge dentures in hot water as they could warp.
  3. Take a soft-bristled brush, apply a little toothpaste and comfortably hot water and gently brush to remove any Fixodent residue from your palate, tongue and mouth. Make sure all denture adhesive is removed to ensure a firm and comfortable fit.
  4. Consult a dentist for specific care instructions if your dentures have metal attachments, as water can cause metal to tarnish.

If you follow these simple instructions, your dentures should be in the best possible condition to provide the most comfortable fit and firm hold. If you have any problems whatsoever, do not hesitate to contact your dentist.

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Introducing Fixodent's latest innovation

Introducing Fixodent's latest innovation

Use Fixodent 0% everyday for a natural feeling in the mouth. Its very thin precision nozzle helps form a seal along the edge of the denture to prevent the infiltration of food particles, like seeds and nuts.